Brawl 4 All 2012

The first match to start off HRWF Brawl 4 All is a Qualifying Match for the main event where Alex Dunagan would defeat the Mexican High-Flyer,Volante Feroz with his finisher, the Fariydust. The second match is for the Hardcore Championship. Dr. Martyr is the victorious one out of the 3-Way match featuring the Gho5t and Dan The Man. The third contest is for the YouTube Championship where ATM puts his title on the line against The AssassinATM went for a bulldog but The Assassin would flipATM backward and turn it into the Hitlist and got the one, two, three to become the new YouTube Champion! Brett Hadley went out to the ring and talked about how he is going to defeat Joe Dunn and go on to win the Brawl 4 All match when the returning Ryan Woodson came out and attacked Brett HadleyRyan Woodson then said he is back! Dennis Alatorre came out and announced that D-Sin is unable to be there and was striped of the International Championship, but that Dylan McVey still had a chance as winning the championship back, he then faced FYLTH, and defeated him to once again become the International Champion. The sixth contest at the 4th ever YouTube Per View was Brett Hadley vs.Joe DunnJoe Dunn went for the photoshop, but Brett Hadley ducked under and hit Joe Dunn with the L.C.A. for the victory. For the HRWF Heavyweight Championship. MechaniK defeated The Sickness with the Catastrophe, which means MechaniK gets to enter last, while The Sickness has to stay in the ring and be the first competitor in the Brawl 4 All Match. The Sickness would eliminate Dan The ManAlex Dunagan, andJoe Dunn before being eliminated by Ryan WoodsonATM eliminatedRyan Woodson and Dylan McVey before being eliminated by The AssassinBrett Hadley would then eliminate The Assassin, and roll upMechaniK for the three count to become the New HRWF Heavyweight Champion!

Quick Results

Brawl 4 All Qualifying Match
Alex Dunagan def. Volante Feroz

Hardcore Championship
Dr. Martyr def. Gho5t & Dan The Man

YouTube Championship
The Assassin def. ATM

International Championship
Dylan McVey def. FYLTH

Single’s Match
Brett Hadley def. Joe Dunn

HRWF Heavyweight Championship
MechaniK def. The Sickness

Brawl 4 All Match
Winner: Brett Hadley

 Elimination List:
The Sickness eliminated Dan The Man
The Sickness eliminated Alex Dunagan
The Sickness eliminated Joe Dunn
Ryan Woodson eliminated The Sickness
ATM eliminated Ryan Woodson
ATM eliminated Dylan McVey
The Assassin eliminated ATM
Brett Hadley eliminated The Assassin
Brett Hadley eliminated MechaniK

Check out the official theme song for Brawl 4 All, “Not Falling” by Mudvayne: 



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