Rule Book

Official Rules Of HRWF
Here in the High Risk Wrestling Federation, we have rules to insure safety and fairness to all participants in every match.

***New Rules Go Into Effect March 15th, 2014***

In a normal one on one match, weapons are now illegal to use in the Singles Match. Other disqualifications are still in tact. For Example: If someone interfered in the match and attacked one of the participants in the match, or if you low blow your opponent, you will be disqualified. If you low blow your opponent with a weapon or another wrestler not in the match does, it will still count as a disqualification. Of course, in specialty matches, depending on the match type, the rules change.

Count Outs
There are now count outs whenever you leave the ring. When a participate in a match leaves the ring, he has until the referee’s 10 count to get back into the ring. Another way a wrestler can get counted out is if both wrestlers are in the ring and laid out. If this happens you have until the count of 10 to get to your feet. If you fail to get up by the referee’s ten count, you will lose the match.

Pin Falls/Submissions
Pin falls & Submissions are legal only inside the ring. In specialty matches, depending on the match type, the pin fall rules may change.

If you are a champion in the HRWF, you must not miss more than 3 shows in a row with the exception of shows being cancelled. If you are suspended a week, it counts as a missed show. If you cannot fulfill the task of not missing more than 3 shows in a row, you will be stripped of the championship title.

Banned Wrestling Maneuvers
There are only currently two maneuvers that are banned in the HRWF. Those moves are the 630 Splash, and ALL forms of the Piledriver. If a wrestlers gets caught performing one of these dangerous maneuvers, it will results in a one week suspension. Banned moves are banned for a reason, and we will not tolerate those moves in HRWF.


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