HRWF 9/29/12


Opening Segment:
ATM comes out and reveals why he helped Brett Hadley defeat Joe Dunn last week. Brett Hadley then comes out and gives ATM a title match for Halloween Showdown. Joe Dunn comes out and says that’s B.S. and wants Dennis Alatorre to come out and do something about it. Instead, X Blade comes out and says Dennis isn’t there but he is the replacement G.M. for the night. X Blade agrees that it’s unfair, but he can’t change the decision, however, he can add to the match! And names Joe Dunn the special referee! X Blade also announces the Main Event for the night, Brett Hadley will face off against, Joe Dunn & ATM in a Handicap Match!

 Single’s Match
Hell Razor def. Gho5t
(Hell Razor gets the victory after Darron Stevens attacked Gho5t while the ref was distracted. Gho5t then chased Stevens to the back)

The Renegades are backstage discussing their match later on in the night.

Single’s Match
Volante Feroz def. Extreme Warrior
(Before the match, Warrior extended his hand to Feroz, but Volante didn’t shake it. They battle it out in a really interesting match, but Volante gets the victory.)

Brett Hadley finds X Blade and yells and says why did he put him in a 2 on 1 handicap match, and he kept bringing up KCW. X Blade says it has nothing personal to do with it, and if he wasn’t G.M. he would kick Brett’s ass right then and there! He said he made the match because it was unfair for Brett to just give ATM a title match.

#1 Contenders Match for the Hardcore Championship
Dan The Man def. FYLTH
(Dan The Man gets the upset victory FYLTH to become the #1 contender for the Hardcore Championship)

An Interviewer catches up with The Assassin, and asks him if he thinks The Renegades will take the match seriously tonight. Assassin says he honestly doesn’t know. But if MechaniK wants a title, now’s his chance.

International Championship
Ryan Woodson def. MechaniK
(A very back and forth match between The Renegades, they took it seriously, but in the end, Ryan Woodson retained his championship. The Assassin then comes out and congratulates them both, but then says that Dennis Alatorre never called him! And he just tricked them into all of that! And The Renegades look pissed!)

2 on 1 Handicap Match
Joe Dunn & ATM def. Brett Hadley
(After the match, ATM grabs the HRWF Championship and stands over Brett Hadley, and then gets superkicked by Joe Dunn! Joe grabs the title, and stands over both of them!)



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