HRWF 9/22/12


Opening Segment:
HRWF starts off with The Renegades. They go down to the ring and talk trash about the YouTube Champion, Assassin. As they’re talking, Assassin’s music hits, but nobody comes out. Renegades then say they tricked everybody because Assassin isn’t in the building tonight. But from behind, here comes the YouTube Champion, he starts attacking the Renegades and then quickly leave the ring as Assassin gets ready for his match.

YouTube Championship
The Assassin def. Dan The Man
(Dan say’s he no longer is going after the International title, because now he wants the YouTube title! They battle it out and Assassin gets the victory)

The Renegades are arguing backstage, while the Assassin, who just successfully defended his title, walks up to MechaniK & Woodson, and said he just got off the phone with the G.M. of HRWF, Dennis Alatorre, and they have matches tonight. Then he said, Ryan Woodson will go one on one with, MechaniK!

Single’s Match
Hell Razor def. Extreme Warrior
(Razor & Warrior battle it out with Volante Feroz on commentary. Hell Razor picks up the victory, and Volante gets in the ring to congratulate them. Feroz shakes hands with Hell Razor but when he went to shake Extreme Warrior’s hand, he just looked at him and walked away.)

#1 Contenders Match For Hardcore Championship
FYLTH def. “Fearless Rocker” Darron Stevens
(FYLTH got the win over Stevens when Gho5t once again distracted Darron Stevens. Gho5t then got in the ring after the match to attack the Fearless Rocker.)

#1 Contenders Match For HRWF Championship
Joe Dunn def. ATM
(Very back and forth match between these two contenders, but Joe Dunn ended up getting the victory. He then announced that he wants to cash in his title shot, right now! HRWF Champion, Brett Hadley comes out and tells Joe that if he faced him right now, he would end Joe’s career, and Dunn’s knee was already in a lot of pain, so Hadley accepted his challenge.. but was waiting until the main event.)

Single’s Match
Ryan Woodson def. MechaniK
(The Renegades tried to pull a fast one, when Woodson laid down and MechaniK got the pin. But The Assassin came out and said he got off the phone with Dennis Alatorre, again, and he said that it has to be an actual match. The match gets restarted, and of course, MechaniK and the International Champion jokingly have a match and Woodson “got the victory”)

HRWF Championship
Brett Hadley def. Joe Dunn
(Hadley got the victory when a disguised man tripped Joe Dunn right into the BTU by Brett Hadley while setting up for the Photoshop. After the match, the HRWF Champion gave a thumbs up to the mystery guy, and the guy gave a thumbs up back and revealing himself to shockingly be ATM!)



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