HRWF 8/22/12


(The Renegades start off the show and explain why they reformed and attacked The Assassin at Redemption.)

Single’s Match
Hell Razor def. MechaniK w/Ryan Woodson
(Via DQ when MechaniK low blowed Hell Razor)

Single’s Match
Alex Dunagan def. Joe Dunn
(Alex goes to the ring and says Dennis Alatorre didn’t put him in a match, which led Dennis to come out and announce Joe Dunn is his opponent. Alex then got a shocking victory over Joe, which made the G.M. unpleased)

Single’s Match
Brett Hadley def “The Fearless Rocker” Darron Stevens
(Brett revealed the new HRWF Championship, then challenged anyone in the back. Brett got the victory after Stevens washout distracted by Gho5t who came out and attacked him after the match)

Single’s Match
The Sickness def. Extreme Warrior
(The Sickness squashed Warrior. But after the match, The Renegades came out and attacked Sickness and then took off his mask and made fun of him, leaving the monster on the ground screaming)

International Championship (Rematch From Redemption)
Ryan Woodson w/MechaniK def. Dan The Man
(During the match, Assassin came out and started attacking MechaniK, while that was happening, Woodson got the pin on Dan The Man. Assassin then attacked Ryan Woodson on to eventually get double teamed by Woodson and MechaniK)



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