HRWF 11/10/12


Joe Dunn comes out and starts explaining himself, and then ATM cuts him off, runs to the ring and they start brawling. People had to split the two up and the G.M. of HRWF, Dennis Alatorre, came out and announced that they will face at Proving Ground for the title, and that they both have mystery opponents. He then announced that if they lay a hand on eachother anytime before the YTPV, the match will be cancelled.

Singles Match
Hell Razor w/E.W. def. Gho5t w/Volante Feroz

BTU Nation comes out and calls Dennis to the ring. Brett then ask why the G.M. screwed one of his own champions out of a title, and why he didn’t take actions when Joe Dunn screwed Brett out of the HRWF title. Brett then fired Dennis Alatorre. Dennis begged him not to, so Brett made a tag team match for later on. BTU Nation vs. Dennis, and a partner of his choosing.

Handicap Match
Dylan McVey def. CJ Jenkins & Rico Brown

Single’s Match
Austin Dean def. “Fearless Rocker” Darron Stevens

Trevor “The Soldier” Bruce walked out for his match, but Ryan Woodsonwith MechaniK attacked him from behind and laid him out.

Tag Team Match
BTU Nation def. Dennis Alatorre & Dillon Vangundy w/Brownie

Singles Match
Joe Dunn def. Dan The Man

Single’s Match
ATM def. MechaniK w/Ryan Woodson
After the match Joe came out and attacked ATM they fought to the back,The Renegades look confused, and then out of nowhere, MechaniKsuperkicks Woodson. And Brett Hadley, and Alex Dunagan came out and they attacked Ryan, and MechaniK joined the Nation.



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