HRWF 10/6/12


Opening Segment:
Brett Hadley comes out and reveals he is this weeks G.M. and then says he apologizes to everyone for anything he’s every did to them. He then asked ATM to come out to the ring. ATM comes out and Brett says hes sorry for everything in the past and wants to open up a new chapter and a nicer Brett Hadley. He then challenges ATM to a good clean match tonight, with no special referee. ATM accepts it.

Single’s Match
Volante Feroz def. Hell Razor
(Volante Feroz picks up the victory and then attacks Hell Razor after the match! Feroz has defiantly changed.) 

Hardcore Championship
Dan The Man def. Alex Dunagan
(Before the match Dan says he lost all respect for Alex for kidnapping Dennis Alatorre just because Alex wanted a title shot, and continues to talk. The match starts and its a very hardcore, very back and forth match, tons of close moments, but at the end Dan The Man hits the Straight Edge Drop for the 3 count.)

Backstage Interview w/ ATM
Talks about his match with Brett Hadley

Backstage Interview w/ Brett Hadley
Talks about his match with ATM

Interview w/ Dan The Man
Talks about his victory over Alex Dunagan, but as he’s talking, Alex walks up to him and starts attacking him, drags him to the ring and the bell rings, Dunagan is using his rematch claws.

Hardcore Championship
Alex Dunagan def. Dan The Man
(After attacking Dan while he was in a interview, Alex cashed in his rematch claws and defeats Dan to win back the Hardcore Championship.)

Single’s Match
Brett Hadley def. ATM
(Brett and ATM shake hands before the match. But during the match Brett steals ATM’s finisher and says he can’t take it anymore, and said he was never sorry and told off the crowd. Brett got the victory, and attacked ATM again after the match.)



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