Halloween Showdown


Loser Gets Fired Match
Hell Razor def. FYLTH

Single’s Match
E.W. def. Volante Feroz

Hardcore Championship
Alex Dunagan def. Dennis Alatorre
(Dennis brings out 5 wrestlers to face Alex Dunagan to try to defeat him for the title)
Alex Dunagan def. Dan The Man
Alex Dunagan def. Dillon Vangundy
Alex Dunagan def. CJ Jenkins
Alex Dunagan def. Trevor “The Soldier” Bruce
Alex Dunagan def. Dylan McVey

Single’s Match
Gho5t def. “Fearless Rocker” Darron Stevens
(Volante came out and helped Gho5t attack Stevens, signaling that they will be teaming up)

Tornado Tag Team Match
The Renegade def. The Assassin & Josh Dunn
(Josh turned on Assassin and is now apart of The Renegades)

HRWF Champoinship
Special Guest Ref: Joe Dunn
ATM def. Brett Hadley



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