Brawl 4 All

Quick Results

Brawl 4 All Qualifying Match
Alex Dunagan def. Volante Feroz

Hardcore Championship
Dr. Martyr def. Gho5t & Dan The Man

YouTube Championship
The Assassin def. ATM

International Championship
Dylan McVey def. FYLTH

Single’s Match
Brett Hadley def. Joe Dunn

HRWF Heavyweight Championship
MechaniK def. The Sickness

Brawl 4 All Match
Winner: Brett Hadley

 Elimination List:
The Sickness eliminated Dan The Man
The Sickness eliminated Alex Dunagan
The Sickness eliminated Joe Dunn
Ryan Woodson eliminated The Sickness
ATM eliminated Ryan Woodson
ATM eliminated Dylan McVey
The Assassin eliminated ATM
Brett Hadley eliminated The Assassin
Brett Hadley eliminated MechaniK



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