MechaniK’s Favorite Moments

Favorite Match:

“My favorite match surprisingly was the 4-Way Match with myself, Brett Hadley, Alex Dunagan, and that damn spotlight stealer, Joe Dunn, at HRWF Divided We Stand 2013. I was definitely on my game that night, there was a lot of competition with those 3. A lot of fast-paced action that we four brought when I look back at the footage. Even though I may have came up short just barely, I was definitely motivated to keep going, and pull some things out of my sleeve that no one has seen out of me before, sure, the crowd boos me, but deep down they know that I AM their favorite wrestler as always have since I walked into HRWF. That match at DWS, was just a stepping stone for what is in store for MechaniK in 2014. The people, my fans, my foes, even the entire HRWF Roster, WILL NOT know what hit them!! It’s my year, and it’s about that time to take action.”

Nastiest Bump:

“When a doofus known as The Sickness, almost broke my neck while attempting and may I mention, a BANNED, Tombstone Piledriver. I tried my best to get out, and he dropped me right on my head, straining out my neck very badly. Well, guess what? he can’t ever use that move anymore thanks to that. I am, for once, 100% content with that decision made by the HRWF Committee. Sickness was really inconsiderate.. but he’s a softy now. So it doesn’t matter. I’m still the best there is to show in the HRWF, no matter who my opponent is. 2014 will prove it once and for all. Enough said. Interview over.”


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