Dan The Man’s Favorite Moments

Favorite Match:

“My favorite match would have to be my First Blood Match against Ryan Woodson. And here’s why, heading in I knew it was going to a classic mainly because a First Blood match hasn’t happen in HRWF since it came back in 2011, while ATM vs Joe was planned to be a First Blood it was changed, however both Woodson and I wanted this kind of a match super bad. I knew I wanted to make an impact and I wanted to finally be accepted as true main eventer in HRWF. I wanted to bleed that was a certainty but how and how is the match to going to go? I had this crazy thought about how I will it almost impossible to make me bleed, so I wore a mask, when it would rip off and we go to the spot where id blade, I wanted the ref knocked out, I’d bleed but with the ref out the match continues. I had an idea that was never ever done before in any First Blood ever even in other companies. I would have my partner come out with proroacitde, baggades  and band-aids to cover the blood. Everything went really great. I felt that as the heel I had to be smart and a step ahead and I did that, also I had to throw in roadblocks and I threw in two. See any two Neanderthals can go in there and beat the shit out each other with weapons but it takes 2 smart wrestlers to put a good compelling match and story, I thought it went off without a hitch.”

Nastiest Bump:

“Nastiest bump, well I have to say is taking that chair shot to the side of my head, it looked nasty, sounded nasty and believe me it felt nasty, my head was ringing for minutes on end, I thought I had a concussion but I fought through, Let me say that Woodson is one brutal strong tough sum bitch. Wrestling him always hurts and is rough but I always do great with him, and that day when he struck me in head with the chair. I felt the wrath and power of Ryan Woodson.”


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