Ryan Woodson’s Favorite Moments

Ryan Woodson’s Favorite Match

“My favorite match in HRWF, Man where to begin? Let’s start there actually. My first match with this company, was the birth of Ryan Woodson the wrestler. I was one of 5 to start this company, started from nothing. Now watching it grow, I take great pride in this company and it’s like watching a child grow in to an adult. Besides my debut match, my favorite match is a tie between my bestfriend Josh Dunn or my close friend Alex Dunagan. My matches with Josh show our respect and trust for one another as well as showing our respect for this sport. Working with him is cool experience because we are normally tagging together but, it’s fun to shake things up a bit. As for Dunagan, first of all much respect for what that kid puts himself through. Our hardcore antics got us the first 2 episodes of “Daily Mayhem”. That’s beyond cool man. But our most recent match I personally feel painted a picture for the tention and anger we had going into this match. We left everything in the ring that night. I feel that is what brought the respect between us. We beat the Hell out of eachother, and both walked away from the match fully in tact. Maybe in the future we will raise the bar even farther. But to all the HRWF fans and family, tune in on YouTube and hrwfwrestling.com because this year will be THE YEAR OF HRWF!! Thank you, Ryan “The Renegade” Woodson”


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