Matches Added to Proving Ground

The HRWF Board of Directors have added three new matches to HRWF’s last show of the year, Proving Ground 2013. Check it out by visiting the Proving Ground page here on the HRWF website!

Also, this week, the last show before Proving Ground, is the 2nd Annual Year End Awards! The list of awards to be given out is listed below:

HRWF Year End Awards 2013

1. Wrestler of the Year

2. Match of the Year

3. Feud of the Year

4. Finisher of the Year

5. Holy Shit Moment of the Year

6. Best Face Wrestler of the Year

7. Best Heel Wrestler of the Year

8. Most Overrated of the Year

9. Most Underrated of the Year

10. YouTube Per View of the Year

11. Entrance Theme of the Year

12. Breakout Star of the Year

13. Botch of the Year

14. Best Spot of the Year

15. Best Team of the Year


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