Welcome to the Official HRWF Website

Welcome to the official website of the High Risk Wrestling Federation. HRWF was a backyard wrestling company based in Des Moines, Iowa, that lasted from the years 2011, through 2014. We entered our 4th consecutive year in 2014, and for reasons beyond our control, it led to the company’s departure. Even though it may be over now, you can still relive EVERY HRWF moment right here on HRWFWrestling.com! With over 30,000 views, views from over 35 different countries worldwide, and more than 200 pages worth of information such as Results, Episodes, and the entire Roster, this is the ultimate source for all things HRWF!
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HRWF on YouTube – April 12th


Match Announced For HRWF Extra

On the April 5th edition of HRWF on YouTube, we found out 3 new matches that will take place at Pure Carnage, April 26th. Those matches being Sean Nova defending his YouTube Championship against Joe Dunn, The Sickness taking on Vane in a Monsters Core Match, and new #1 Contender, Alex Dunagan, will face Brett Hadley for the HRWF Championship. Also at this weeks show, after getting a victory over Ryan Woodson, Dan The Man challenged Josh Dunn for the International Championship. Josh Dunn has accepted, and the match will take place on HRWF Extra this week. But the board of directors have stated that because of the huge brawl this past week between Ryan Woodson and Josh Dunn, Ryan Woodson is BANNED from ringside!

HRWF on YouTube – April 5th, 2014

Match Announced for HRWF Extra

This Wednesday on HRWF Extra, HRWF Champion Brett Hadley, will be defending his championship against a member of the C.O.D.E; ATM! On the March 22nd Episode of HRWF on YouTube, the C.O.D.E. battled Brett Hadley in a 3 on 1 Handicap Match. After hitting Brett with brass knuckles when the referee wasn’t looking, ATM got the victory on Brett Hadley, suggesting that he has a claim to be #1 Contender for the title. And this Wednesday, these two will go one on one, with no interference. Will we see a new HRWF Champion? Find out, this Wednesday!

HRWF on YouTube – March 29th